Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Hacking my way to the departure gate

This is an experience I never thought I would ever have, or take, but circumstances have created this opportunity. I won't bore you with the background, but suffice to say, I find myself with some unscheduled time on my hands and decided to do something positive, given the world has gone crazy.

This journey is a bit different - I'm not staying in a Marriot; I'm not travelling in a group; I'm not doing a traditional holiday of any description. What I am doing is travelling 'responsibly'. Ok I do have to leave on a 747 (turn right at the top of the stairs) and I am staying in the odd hotel along the way, but I am primarily living with the locals, thereby giving something back in a 'Fairtrade' kind of way; I will be doing some voluntary work also - in a school (by all accounts I am playing in a school football match, so I have my beautiful Man Utd shirt and I hope the game is on or around the 27th May, which if you didn't know is the date for the Champions League Cup Final. I am sure I can still pull the odd freestyle trick or two after watching Skills Skool every week) and an Elephant sanctuary, where I will be staying with the family and their orphaned elephant they will be caring for. At this time, my son Elliot will have joined me for half-term and he's going to have to sing for his supper, almost literally - we are taking English lessons or something so I will try my hardest to ensure there is no corporate or text speak used!

So you see, it is different. Now the hacking bit - I do seem to have developed a slight chest cold and cough, not in a man or swine flu kinda way. Typical - not sick for years and years and now this. Those mossies will hear me coming from miles away.

I don't know how easy it's going to be to do this blog thing, trekking through jungles etc. but I am confident I will find an Irish bar somewhere - they are just about everywhere in the world, right? Think about it, they really are.

So, I'll send the next update from somewhere far away. It's about 24 hours away until the flight departs but there is a lot to do still.

Please don't be jealous - I never am (yeah right) and if there is an International incident, I plead innocent already. I'm not into sex, drugs or rock 'n' roll, just wanting to help make the world a better place (cue Michael Jackson song).......laters dudes


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